The Order of the Secret Monitor
The Brotherhood of David and Jonathan
New Zealand

Most Worthy Brother Jim Hopley

Grand Supreme Ruler


Jim Hopley

Taken on the night of his Installation in Oamaru August 2015










Welcome to the Web Site of the Order of the Secret Monitor in New Zealand

This site contains information about the Order in New Zealand. As at April 2013 it is still being developed and the information in its pages has not yet been fully expanded. It presently contains details of the Districts and Conclaves which operate under the New Zealand Constitution. It will contain contact details for Grand Conclave and Executive Committee and active Officers of Grand Conclave.It will also contain historical records for Grand Conclave; documents of Grand Conclave; the Constitution of Grand Conclave; and lectures and other writings about the Order.

Not all information is available to visitors to the site. Some is restricted to registered users only. Registration is available to active members of the Order in New Zealand. At the discretion of Supreme Grand Conclave, other persons may be granted registration.

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If you are a member of a Conclave of the Order of the Secret Monitor of New Zealand and would like to register on this site please enter the site and click on the account creation link in the menu at the left side of the window.